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Softwashing is the process of using biocidal chemicals at low pressure to clean surfaces from moss, algae, lichen, fungi & mould which are the main reasons external surfaces appear dirty. Its uses include but not limited to;

  • Roofs
  • Render
  • Patios
  • Cladding
  • Softwash render cleaning
  • Targets biofilm colonisation
  • Removes all unsightly staining, safely
  • Harmless to all known building materials
  • K-Rend, Sto-Rend, Weber & more
  • Satisfaction guaranteed, everytime

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  • Competitive Rates
  • Fully insured
  • National Coverage
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Save money with a roof & render project ‘same time’ clean

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Expert render cleaning services

If your rendered walls are showing signs of red, green, black staining, this is due to the accumulation of biofilm. With the simple process of softwashing, Cumbria Softwash can effectively treat and clean areas without the need for expensive painting and without potentially damaging pressure or steam washing techniques.

Our process works on any and all effected substrates, such as K-Rend, Sto-Rend, Weber, Parex render, or even cement render or pebble dash. Cumbria Softwash can expertly remove all contamination present on the exterior of your property or building.

By using non-aggressive techniques, Cumbria Softwash can methodically and effectively remove the unattractive red, green or black streaks and stains from your exterior walls and elevations, while removing the infection. This cleansing effect ensures longer lasting results than power washing alone.

If your property would benefit from a deep clean that effectively kills and treats algae, bacteria & lichen then call or fill in our contact form today and we will appraise your building presenting all available options to you.

We are based in South Cumbria yet cover the whole of the North West and beyond.

Our impressive portfolio is unrivalled in Cumbria

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We only use the best, most expensive, environmentally friendly chemicals approved by K-Rend to treat render from biofilm colonisation.

Stream isn’t recommended by anybody other than unscrupulous render cleaners. Not even by companies who manufacture steam cleaning machines. Don’t be fooled into thinking the silicone in your render won’t be affected.

Biocide softwashing chemicals have a wide range of uses and will keep all surfaces of a property perpetually clean once fully treated.

No expensive scaffolding is needed on residential properties as chemical is pumped through hoses at low pressure, giving customers a totally cost effective & safe solution compared to painting.


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